Release Date: 2018
Genres: Horror Humor, Threesome, Deep Throat, Gagging, Facial, Face Fucking, Hardcore, Anal, Rough Sex, Humilation
Duration: 00:48:26
Description:Picture this. Someone want's to fight you, you agree, but they say, "ok, you need to tie your strong behind your back and you have to tie a 20 lbs. weight around your ankles." She had more limitations than a left wing free speech rally, but being the gentleman we are we agreed to these terms, and what you have below is the finished product. In all honesty, she did good, even though it was nerfed up like everything else in these shitty times. But when life hands you lemons, squeeze them in a mofo's eye. I will say that she is hot, and she took cock in her anus and vagina very well, but she had issues with the throat sodomy, however we got some shots in. It was hot seeing her skinny frame with big bolt ons bent over like Montgomery Burns taking it in the ass. Her tight ass was punished thoroughly. Her face was covered with 2 giant cum shots which she ate. Her pretty face was like a car parked below an overpass, and Bootleg and Jay D were like a couple of pigeons, giving zero fucks.
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